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How I Can Help You

I can help you because I have personally been there and I 100% know that mainstream counselors, pastors, priests, psychologists & psychiatrists do not have the answers. I know this occupationally and experientially. I have my Masters in Counseling Psychology and my Bachelors in Education. There are way too many discrepancies within these industries and no one seems to get well utilizing them. Something is very wrong.

My past was riddled with tragedy, abuse, violence, poverty, disease, familial death & losses. These experiences caused me to have nervous breakdowns, panic attacks & anxiety, personality disorders, low self-worth, deviant behaviors, cancer & deadly addictions. These tumultuous experiences were not fun to say the least, but they were perfect for me in that I learned how to reverse engineer these awful feelings/experiences to save myself by employing faith and mastery knowledge!


I became a counselor to share my hard-knock knowledge so that others would not have to suffer as I did.  I am light.  I shine light into the dark, avoided recesses of your mind so that you may see that your dark isn't as bad as you thought! 

In fact, when you bring your shame, guilt, fears, judgements, anger & vindictiveness to light, they become just that: LIGHT! This process will enlighten you with a fresh perspective that allows you to connect properly to others, feel and sense joy, love, peace & beauty as never before.

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