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What is the real cause underlining physical dis-ease & emotional pain?

Your body is surrounded by an energy system. This system has several energy centers  called chakras that circulate energy all around and through a healthy body in a flowing, very rapid manner.  The  speed  at which the energy flows through the energy system is dependent upon all of the varying frequencies that your brain emits. These frequencies range from low to high dependent upon your thoughts and belief systems that you have agreed to, accepted or developed since birth. Positive, limitless thoughts and beliefs emit high frequencies,  allowing energy to flow easily throughout the energy system. Limiting, negative thoughts and beliefs emit low frequencies, disturbing the flow of energy in one or more of the energy centers (chakras). 

These disturbances, if not addressed, will slow down the circulation of energy through a particular chakra enough to actually stimulate a chemical chain reaction response.  A slight disturbance in the system may only cause a trickle of chemical reactions in order to trigger the corresponding physical bodily area, nearest that chakra, to manifest discomfort or a visual cue, such as a rash or discoloration.  Sometimes, attracting an injury can serve the same purpose and can be carried out in this manner. This should serve as a warning to the individual that attention to that chakra and its' psychological meanings should be reflected upon and attended to in order to restore balance to the mind which triggers the energy system, which triggers the health in the chemical and physical bodies. 

If the chakra is in danger of being dangerously stagnant (insinuating that someone is very closed in their thinking or too attached to a lower frequency emotion such as grief, anger, shame, judgment, etc.), then cells may begin to mutate, resulting in physical dis-ease, cancer or it may attract a catastrophic injury via automobile or sport to the individual. Energy that is not flowing easily, makes dis-ease. Physical illness/discomfort and emotional pain are, in essence, our body’s alarm system sounding off that we are not thinking in our right mind, or that we have a limiting belief that is holding us back from our natural state of being-LIMITLESS, POWERFUL & LOVING! This conclusion can then be made: 



If the mind is responsible for creating dis-ease from negative thought patterns, then the mind is just as capable to heal dis-ease by releasing  those patterns and replacing them with positive ones.


Therefore, we should never avoid our pain or discomfort by medicating with pain-killers or anti-depressants. We should instead, source and understand our pain or discomfort, so that its presence is no longer needed to teach us about what limiting thought or belief we are enabling or allowing that enables it!

Schedule your appointment and I can walk you through this intricate process. We can journey together where the only healing can truly take place: your mind and heart.

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