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Bridging You to Your Highest Potential

I present myself as a facilitator of health, not as a "healer", as this term is dis-empowering to all. During my free seminars and personal sessions, I will share with you why I can do what I do & how you can do these things also!  

Discovering your own SUPER-NATURAL ABILITIES empowers you and strengthens you to transform into the most optimal version of you, in turn serving the optimal joy in all others too. Some call this state of awareness CHRIST consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, Divine Life Purpose, Living God's Will, Optimum Program Living, Living Your Highest Potential, etc.  Regardless of your belief stance (yes, atheists too), you must choose to align with the SAVIOR within you (not outside of you), meaning God helps those who help themselves, so to speak. You must understand the internal psyche in order to change your external world. That is what Christ & Buddha and other Great Teachers came here to teach. 

Comprehension and Application of the TRUTHS imparted by these Masters, stimulate what seems like MIRACULOUS changes (but not really miraculous, but uploaded logic into your environment by making changes to the code within you that shifts your reality) to immediately occur in all aspects of  your life (mind, body, spirit, soul, heart, financially, medically, physically & relationally) and YOU GET to share in the CREDIT for these shifts, becoming truly empowered. This is so because YOU asked, heeded, acted and shared in this wisdom that came through our meeting. 

The deep methods I employ & share are not sorcery, magic, mind tricks or hypnosis and are NOT blasphemous, witchery, evil or trickery and you will sense the divinity of the experience while you are in session.

The messages that come to light during sessions align with your current belief systems and do not cause discord with them.  No need to fear or worry about what might get divulged or revealed during our session either, as you will find yourself being completely open and somehow okay with the overall divulging of secrets, misgivings and shame, leaving in its wake a resounding sense of relief & joy that you have never experienced before.  It is in fact true, that there is not one shameful experience that you could ever share or I intuit that would illicit a judgmental response from me, so do not fear exposure as this is the very function that will release you from any addictive urges or destructive behaviors that continually tempt and badger you.   How do I do this, you ask?

My difficult past has served me well in that I have become very adept at "reading" patterns and intuitive clues, translating clients' energy systems, acting upon precognitive awareness, "seeing, hearing or intuiting" highest paths,  and God's will. Though immensely painful at the time that I was enduring my numerous plights and, unimaginable-to-most traumas, I now credit these very "fear-filled" experiences as my personal points of illumination & joy because they have brought forth in me, incredible gifts and talents that I passionately share to assist others to understand and transform their turmoil to joy, remitting to me great joy and abundance. Therefore, my mind presently perceives these events as no longer my worst experiences, but as "blessings in disguise" or perfect for today, releasing any emotional attachments to the old memories, regenerating health in the mind and body.  




"I want you to perceive EVERY moment of your life as PERFECTION,

so that you may glean your gifts & golden treasures, also."  

Ultimately, the goal is to ask for and learn how to read/receive the "Optimum Guidance System Instructions" depicting the perfect GREAT ESCAPE from this labyrinth of destructive forms of thought. A quantum leap is evoked by a human when they have a complete change of mind, both destructing and constructing simultaneously, consequently creating supernatural experiences in the physical realm because the physical is merely manifestations of the mind.   

Your final initiation to self-mastery is to dance with the verbal prescriptions given during your encounter with the divine in session to re-vision, or revise the parameters in your mind that make up your experience, initializing SUPERNATURAL phenomenon that is fantastically liberating and made to be realized or unfolded, not by your will or human perspective, but by the divine perspective that you have access to in the ever present, ever knowable moment of NOW!

My approach is grounded in neuroscience, quantum physics, general systems theory, unified field theory, psychology and religious & spiritual bodies of knowledge. My sessions are unique in that they genuinely help my clients to heal disease, relationships & destructive patterns very quickly without all of the repetitive, often painful, dialogue evoked by traditional therapists. My clients quickly advance, embodying their highest potential & joy by revealing and transforming what is in the way of their optimum experience. If you are tenacious in your attentiveness to remain aware of all the "goings-on" within your psyche, and consistently address, ask & follow the wisdom you receive via signs & revelations, all while maintaining the courage to be speak your personal truth to anyone, with love & without apology, you will prevail at self-mastery and heaven is yours.

Your session will astound you. It still excites me!

I am amazed at what comes through me, especially when information that I couldn't possibly know, that is very personal to my client, comes forth. This is an important part of the session because it causes clients to embody faith (instead of false default beliefs) and, as a result, they become quickly adept at using the function of faith to transform their experience to an optimum one.

I feel so blessed to be a part of my clients' personal transformations as this is my personal expression of my highest joy and optimum program. I am willing to share every one of my very tumultuous experiences so that I am fully open and non-judgmental. I am non-judgmental because I have participated in a great deal of frowned upon activities that the traditional world would deem despicable and deplorable. Even though I spent years upon years, punishing myself because of all the unresolved feelings of guilt, shame & resentments, I have come to learn in time, through very deep insights, that the behaviors I participated in were unavoidable at that level of consciousness, and so were yours. It takes us many data points of experience in order to form a mental mapping to illuminate that a pattern is repeating in our lives.

My states of consciousness during those fits of "unacceptable" behaviors were due to my infantile nature and the coercive signature patterns that were ingeniously weaved into our society to confuse us and keep us in a state of worthlessness. Understanding and absorbing just this single insight releases any unresolved resentment or shame in an instant which is crucial to human health and well being.


In fact, the world is full of good intentioned people running ignorant programs, causing all to act out "societal deemed inappropriate behaviors" increasing guilt, unworthiness, illness and death. These "broken" programs were spoon fed to us through our cultural systems, media, religious doctrines, political systems, educational systems bent on training the feelings right out of us to turn off our one faculty that would easily detect all of the deception.  


We teach our kids to not question authority and to obey so that they "learn" not to question the incongruence between what they have been "taught" is right and what they "feel" is right.  We have been duped and must purify ourselves of all the falsely accepted resentment and shame that we harbor due to these rampant patterns gone rogue! It is easier to understand this analytically than emotionally. The latter is a bit more tricky to wade through: debugging and transforming your feeling body is more difficult because there are some emotions trapped here that don't link to words because they were harbored before language had been learned.


I developed a process to deeply root out all of these tangled webs by their source which cleans up all of the same pattern residue. This therapy  works in just a few sessions, not weeks, months, nor years of therapy. 

We, as a race, have unconsciously accepted an entire operating system designed to keep us from evolving ourselves.  It's time to switch back to the operating system you were originally endowed with before it was so cleverly tampered with, making us slaves to death-sickness-rebirth cycles that are not our  true inheritance. You have been robbed and you must take personal responsibility to recover your losses and regain your personal security and holdings. I can guide you with tools and insights, but you must do the "real-time work: mastering your mind and learning to "know-thyself" in order to become self-soothing, self-learning and self-directed using the GPS within (God Positioning System) to experience joy!

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