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Are you feeling very up and down lately?


Do experiences that used to bring you joy no longer do so?


Are you feeling stuck, depressed or wondering why you are here in the first place?


Are you feeling lazy, non-motivated and don’t feel like socializing with anyone?


Are your thoughts tied up with past experiences, disappointments or self-judgments?

If any one of these phrases describes how you are feeling, you are stepping into your personal time of awakening. The process of awakening can feel very painful and lonely.  


I am able to assist you in fully understanding and accepting this process.  As a result, your physical and/or emotional pain and suffering will make sense to you, making it possible for you to alleviate it from your life, completely.  


In fact, you will actually learn to thank and embrace all of your “darker” experiences for showing you the way to your true nature—LOVING AND JOYFUL.  


Once you re-member how powerful you are, I then help you through various techniques to employ your natural, co-creative power to detect, align & UNFOLD your highest potential encoded within your core leading to a new life of abundance, fulfillment, prosperity and JOY.

Transformation is the only way out of this hell


You must be willing to make changes


Forgiveness, understanding & patience are the keys


Unlock your full potential by letting go of guilt


Learn faith & grace


Discover the perfection that you were created to be


Fulfillment, joy, abundance, love & prosperity will be your rewards for your efforts

to become aware, reflect, shift, re-address, share & live these innovative programs & truths that have been revealed to me during my toughest times. 

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