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This prayer or program code is the very command function to operate your consciousness at optimum capacity.


You must understand that this is what you are doing when you recite it in order for it to enable your highest to come to light! Be sure to use as much feeling and sensory as you do thought to enable this software properly.

Our Father, who art in heaven: Calling upon and engaging the optimum programming function that is connected to every one else's optimal program, all of which are located in the pineal gland (regarded also as the mustard seed or Heavenly Father). Basically, I am commanding the computer in my mind to access this highest, finest frequency only (going up on the mountain) that will usher in opportunities, thoughts and the chemistry necessary to unfold an optimized potential to experience in real-time. The pronoun "Our" is used because you are currently fragmented into a past, present, and future versions of you. "Art" is used to reference the creative faculty (pineal function) of your brain or mind, referenced here as "heaven".


Hallowed be Thy name: Protected, consecrated & sacred is this frequency, meaning always safe, highest and most beneficial that serves the self and all simultaneously. The word "hallow" also means shrine or the seat (seed) of God and known as saintly. The phonemic awareness of this word also sounds like "hollow" because you are hollowing or carving out a space for God, or Most Optimum potentials to be noticed prior to the mis-creations and false man-i-festations. (See Directly Translated Version for Inspiration because it's easier to understand from that version.) Also, notice the "Thy" pronoun. It signifies wrapping Gods will "THou" plus "mY" will to make them work as one Th-y. The "name" concept is a fill in the blank form for you to add your name to those that work in this framework, "What's best for "one" and "all", or as Christ depicts, "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself" in equal proportions.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done:  I am choosing to connect with this frequency so that all that God (optimum programming function) has been trying to give me since birth can be received by me and those I am connected to by following the intuitional nudges and signs of what/where I must envision, speak of, be and/or do to accomplish my personal purpose & GREAT WORKS that will bring optimum joy and physical abundance to myself and all others.

On Earth, as it is in Heaven: That all that God, or the Optimum Programming Function, has in store will be grounded and brought to light in my reality or virtual reality experience just as it was given to me in a vision by speaking this vision into creation by asking & allowing the optimum program to flow this vision into my words that I speak with tones of authority and faith. It forces a new alignment in my consciousness to veer from the well traveled synaptic pathways that I previously man-I-fested ignorantly.


Give us this day, our daily bread:  Expect that all that will be needed for the day shall be delivered to you to bring this to fruition. Do not concern yourself with when, where and why.  Just continue to ask for guidance and it is given.  You must know how to read the signs of God - intuitions and construct feedback in order to translate your nudges.  To do so, you must have your feeling/sensory centers open and not numbed out with substances and addictive habits. Super-natural experiences, like synchronicities, become evident here, regularly, when you understand and use this function with faith and knowingness. 


And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us: This allows us to eradicate any psychic attacks we have knowingly/ignorantly sent to others that do have karmic recompense. It is enabling us to start processing traumas caught in our psyches (amygdales) from our pasts. We also are asking God to guard our psyches from others' thoughts and feelings (judgments or ideas) unless they coincide with God's (Optimum Program's) vision or matrix of highest to be done. (Please learn more about how to truly engage forgiveness and transfiguration by visiting the 3-part letter process. Click below.)

And lead us not into temptation:

This is when you are programming God to direct your thoughts, perceptions and interactions for the day.  The Optimum Programming Function illuminates the highest aspects and potentials by sending excitable signals to you via your nervous system. These will assist in you avoiding the typical, "what's the matter" focus we have been trained by society to have that only invites more of "matter". It is crucial that we do not judge others while we discern what is agreeable with ourselves.  If we judge another person, we have just left our frequency that gives us our protective shield from others psychic attacks upon us. You will also receive "not good" signals to pick up when redirection and forgiveness is necessary. Learning to "hear" your antennae, meaning your body and chemistry, will guide you effectively to purge viral patterns (demons) from your psyche. Your antennae is your GPS: God Positioning System.


But deliver us from evil: In essence, this is where we cleanse the subconscious state (amygdales & hippocampus) of all faulty programming and ignorant defaults. This also assists in "loving your enemy" experiences, meaning not reacting to the old "what's the matter" stimuli in a flight or fight manner, anymore but blessing enemies for pinpointing what is still on your alter, in your temple (unbalanced emotional data caught in the temporal lobe, continually coming to light over and over until equation is balanced or that you have an "I am worthy" mentality again. Getting your power back/Giving another their power back). This blessing your "enemy" activity, protects you from negative karma (live by the sword, die by the sword) because your vibe is too high for the other to harm you & it lifts your enemy's frequency as well, making them less likely to attack. This is allows you to throw these idols down off your alter and into the storage mechanism located in the hippocampus where experiences are not fed to upload to your experience, but are remembered for linear functioning and to help others by sharing your redeemed story. Some call this testimony.

For Thine is the Kingdom & the Power & the Glory: Forever & Ever, Amen! Nothing can usurp this frequency and its users!  Heaven on Earth State or the Garden of Eden State of Consciousness is the All Powerful frequency that unfolds optimum experiences for us, endlessly & with no limitations.  It is Optimum Brain Function. This allows you to live in New Jerusalem or Heaven on Earth.

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