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Revealing secrets, transforms shame: ultimately healing you from the inside out!

Every technique I employ in my sessions is grounded in science and biblical knowledge.  I have come to learn that no one can shake off the viral programs (demons) or destructive patterns from their family lineage until they get a bit crazy first! I don't force myself onto others or evangelize what I do. People find me when they are opening up (trumpets are sounding, the seals are breaking, & bowls are dumping-Revelation in the Bible).

The Mayan Civilization marked in their famous calendar stone "The End of Time" at 2012 that a difficult, but beautiful change was to come as did the prophecies in the bible regarding the "End Time". Both call for humans to purify their minds and hearts of judgment, sin and of debilitating viral programs. This time period is a forceful time, in that we are being pressed to debug our minds of destructive, deceptive programs passed to us in ignorance by our parents, societal and education systems. This is also the "revelation" time period discussed in the bible, but it isn't a physical, SCARY Hollywood movie. It is a depiction of what is happening within you. The bible offers clues to change or shift our consciousness and instructions of what we must impose on our psyches in order to produce a quantum shift for this next age, the Age of Aquarius (water is the symbol of feelings or the feminine/maternal). I decode Christ's message in this manner!

In Revelation, the seven trumpets sounding, seven seals breaking and the seven bowls dumping are referring to our seven major chakras in our energy system. Chakras are depicted in the bible by the spectrum, or rainbow, that was displayed after the Great Flood as a covenant to humans. Today, these chakras are responding to a frequency and are breaking open and revealing what is caught within them by bringing them to light, or into your experience once again for you to deal with. This is called the Tribulation Period and it is to purify your consciousness or debug your system.  

Simply said, we have compartments of information that were formed when we were young (children are resilient from amygdala fight or flight events), so that we had a way to put destructive events in our lives in suspension until we were old enough and wise enough to unlock these events and resolve the issues that lie within these two compartments in our temporal lobe region. Our seven chakras constantly upload information into our personal experiences, or what I call our virtual realities. All of the avoided information (shame, guilt, fear, anger, grief, resentments regrets & judgments) caught in these faculties of our being are being stimulated all at once to produce sabotage into our lives. This can be very uncomfortable and destabilizing, stimulating anxiety, depression and other mental disorders and physical dis-ease. We must deal with this information and resultant experiences differently than we have handled them before or they will be the death of you!  You must stop reacting in fight or flight to the same old stimuli and finally "understand" why this experience continually comes to light as it needs to be understood from a new perspective to evacuate it from this region of the brain that allow it to continually come to light in your experience. 

The Book of Revelation and Christ's dialogue (represented in red writing in the bible) enumerate our keys to cleansing our consciousness, which, in turn, cleanses our realities because one begets the other!  Everything in these writings, when read from the perspectives of neuroscience, quantum physics and computer science, illuminate to humanity the instructions to overcome this crucial step in human evolution. I call these excerpts in the bible:

The E-manuel to Evolving your Consciousness



Whatever "secrets" families harbor by "not airing the dirty laundry" or keeping the "skeletons in the closet" as codes to righteous family living, are the very strings of code that cause us disease, relational issues, cancer and cognitive distortions.  This is a good time to get out in the open any compartmented information imprisoned in your psyche.  Believe it or not, most of it will be childhood or teen oriented, when we became sexual beings, as this is when we first became fragmented and compartmentalized.  Those compartments are what have 

attracted to you every following pattern from then, forward. To SOURCE these is to heal your present day life. Your present day strife is simply re-experiences of the original code of shame that hasn't been dealt with to date.   

We compartmentalize info when we are young because we don't have the copings skills or strategies to deal with complex issues, and so it serves us well at this point. It keeps us from going into deep depression or suicidal modes, and enables us to go on in a functional manner, to develop and grow, in order to gain the skills and strategies to do so later. The compartmentalized data is stored in specific areas of the brain that translate to our chakra regions in our energy systems, making it possible to be read by practitioners, such as myself.  However, this harbored data, because it is caught in a region (temporal lobe - Christ called this the temple) that brings it to light or uploads it into your personal experience, it will continually attract to you similar stimuli and experiences into your reality to remind you that it is there and does need to be addressed at some point.   


Don't think you have any "forgotten" data? We all do!!! If it doesn't get dealt with through choice, our consciousness will pull it up in an upsetting experience instead.  "Better to learn by Wisdom, than by Woe,"  I always say!




These voided recesses of your mind are firewalled to keep you away from them and they will resist you breaking them open in various ways, but I can help you override these defense mechanisms.  Once you and I push through your resistance (firewall), I facilitate you in the re-balancing of these codes so that they re-store in a different part of your brain that no longer brings them to light but can be remembered without emotional provocation. I assist you to better understand your recently exposed/uncovered experience. We analyze and switch perspectives and reveal unexpressed emotions so that they don't keep coming to "light" one way or another. You leave my office feeling lighter, joyful & free EVERY SINGLE TIME.   


Let me reiterate here.  These "avoided topics" are following the “old instructions from youth” to keep them from you as they may have been too emotional to handle at one time, so sometimes a person isn't even aware that there is something there.  In fact, many people believe that they are completely open, but in reality, they are unaware of what is still there. These “non-remembered” data clusters are indeed still causing trouble because they will continually attract to them similar circumstances over and over and stimulate urges to boot, creating addictions or distortions in your mind and issues (cancer) in your body and make you miserable in your everyday experience.   That is why it is very helpful to have an intuitive help you to surface these and transform these codes to something useful, instead. I call this process, "Turning lead to GOLD".



The biggest black holes for men (sometimes women) are normal experimental sexual experiences with same sex friends before 12 years of age. This age is the normal developmental stage when boys (and girls, usually with girls - just more accepted in society) naturally explore their own and other’s physical bodies. Boys play with other boys because girls were considered too scary and had cooties at this age. So, friends or siblings (same sex) became the guinea pigs because they had the very same curiousness about their body parts as you did. These were supposed to lead to wonderful, playful experiences and memories until they learned that these are forbidden, and maybe even sadistic and horribly shameful.   


All of this play is to be expected and normal, but that information often doesn't get shared with people who still find shame in these exploratory events. This is due to their parents still harboring guilt for the very same secret events from their childhoods, and so on.  Do you see the pattern here? They aren’t aware of the normalcy of it either. They were taught shame from clergy, society or parents, these normal boys (and girls) end up locking these experiences down with shame as if they are damned when they learn to shame same-sex relations as they grow older.  


Locking shame down does some weird stuff to us. These boys, most likely will became homophobic. Homophobia is a fear that causes drastic judgments about others. This judgment of others causes subconscious urges to rise regarding fantasies about men (taboo) that they will never act upon or admit to, creating a crisis in the system. When we have continual urges and don't act upon them, but implode them, they eventually cause sacral (sexual) chakra issues in our bodies like STD's, bowel issues and eventually cancer, prostate or testicular. These "normally curious" boys who harbored this undeserved shame will most probably die from cancer. Now, that's a shame!


Instead of hiding these events and urges, they could talk about them! Talking about them is to better understand where the urges came from, what event(s) spawned this shame, and who have we might have also shamed similarly and override these "old" patterns (forgiveness process). Then, SHAME gets eliminated and so do the urges that spawned from this lowest state of consciousness. Eliminating the shame then ceases all the uploading of connected data into the user's virtual reality such as diseases, mood and other relational issues connected to this lower frequency of emotion.   


It is important to know that normal sibling exploration is also a BIG secret that most people keep! In other words, SHAME kills!  How do you know if you have shame? Ask yourself, is there anyone in the world today that I would avoid today if I saw them in a crowded room? Another question is, "Who do I NOT act authentically with because there is a proverbial elephant in the room?"


You CAN say anything about your life experience to anyone with no emotional attachments or concern of judgment.



I secretly desired to be an exotic dancer all of my youth and young adult years. I felt ashamed that I had this desire and didn't dare act on it or share it with others. I did not know why I was so "broken". For years, I harbored my secret. Of course, because I didn't act on my secret urge to expose my body for money, I ended up imploding these urges instead and this caused cancer (melanoma) discovered at 28 years old! Needless to say, that my brush with death, made me act upon everything I had judged and rejected for so long because my mentality became, "Life's too short."   


Did I learn where my urge(s) came from?  

I did! I developed these urges around 5 years old. I was little, but always more aware than most people. I always noticed and knew that my dad glanced at the gentleman's club near our home every time when we drove by it, not to mention every lady with a curvy structure. With silhouetted naked ladies pictures on the side of the building, I knew dad had an eye for naked women, causing me to revere them.  I embedded the Oedipus complex concept that to please my dad, who was my false god at that early age, I would be that so I could be admired too.    


Back to the story:  

After my cancer was excised, I decided to do all that I had never done in the name of "goody-goody" mentality before.  Who knew that within my darkest urges, that I would find my greatest light.  It was during my day-to-day relationship-building, solicitous moments with these men, that I learned how to intuit wisdom and information that I couldn’t possibly know.  Wisdom came through me at incredible rates.  At first, I thought I was the best con-artist ever, but I began to listen to the words slipping from my mouth and began to apply these lessons to my life as well, commencing the expansion of my consciousness to the present day. FUNNY ENOUGH, REVEALING MY BODY LED TO THE REVEALING OF MY SOUL, AND NOW I CAN BE NAKED IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN!


It was in this “darkest place” that I learned about men's sexual secrets and how most men have same-sex early experiences that they hide from everyone.  I learned that sexuality affects us cognitively and emotionally, creating need, sin (sin is defined as without God) and attachment issues.  Needless to say, it was the best school or education for an up-and-coming intuitive, counseling psychologist, fated to teach revelations, don't you think?  


My urges led me to the promise of dismissing lust and other demons (viral programs) from my life and sharing this wisdom with others on a large scale.  If I had known how to surface these urges via communication and transformative techniques, instead of acting them out, my learning could have been much easier and safer.  


This is what I provide to you: 

A safer, quicker passage to your personal GARDEN OF EDEN state of consciousness.  


Though, not all secrets are sexual in nature, this is a prime example of what I do today.  I help people rid themselves of secrets and the cognitive distortions that keep people in a low self-worth state of mind.  My clients regularly have SUPERNATURAL healings and experiences following the revelations that they have in my office. Yes, I get to see what looks like miracles very often, but they really are super-natural or logical feedback loops in our virtual reality experience that is completely hinged upon our consciousness or psyches. 


"Yes, changing the mind, immediately changes the reality that was shaped directly from that mind."   


It is my JOY to assist in the process!  


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