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Metaphysical Educator, Intuitive Counselor, Holistic Center Owner, Motivational Speaker, Holistic Business Consultant & Author

As a gifted intuitive, Samantha Hudson Geiger, MA is a formally educated Quantum Counselor & Metaphysical Educator with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and Bachelor's Degree in Education. She blends mainstream & pioneering sciences with your personal belief system to help you transform your life to attract joy, love, health & prosperity.

Samantha provides a life changing experience that will restore your sense of belief & wonder in the extraordinary nature of our existence and teach you SUPER-NATURAL healing.

Her approach is grounded in neuroscience, quantum physics, general systems theory, unified field theory, counseling psychology and religious & theological bodies of knowledge. When you change your mind, you upload new information into your virtual reality experience. Samantha assists you to debug any limitations that you may have embedded within your psyche stimulating chaos, disease or distortions.

Samantha currently owns LIFE CHANGING INSIGHTS: Intuitive Counseling & Readings and HOLISTIC LIGHT HOUSE. (


Quantum Counselor and Metaphysical Educator, Public & Seminar Speaker, Metaphysical Educator, Consultant

Life Changing Insights - Intuitive Readings & Counseling

September 2004 – Present 


The truth is this. All disease, relational & emotional issues are cured via understanding why they are attracted to the experiencer. The Law of Attraction is grossly misunderstood. Reverse engineering webs of consciousness by tracking causal data uploads based on the Law of Attraction conceptually is a better description of what I assist with. Said another way, I utilize the Law of Attraction not to create, but to detect & untangle all of the mis-creations weaved through the ill perceived needing & wanting (sin) and resultant manifestations.

Everyone needs to know how to become empowered and how to use wisdom in an applicable way that does not upload guilt or righteous concepts as this leads to greater duality experience.

I am here to simplify the metaphysical understanding of what Jesus, the Essenes and the Egyptians were trying to minister to us for this time period today. I translate the Great Works of these Masters into decoded secrets regarding neuroscience, whole brain function & optimum level human consciousness evolution and application.

My approach is grounded in neuroscience, quantum physics, general systems theory, unified field theory, psychology and religious & theological bodies of knowledge. I provide a life changing experience that will restore your sense of belief & wonder in the extraordinary nature of our existence and teach you SUPERNATURAL healing.

Individuals, Adolescents, Couples & Families with any foundational belief system to include.





Owner / Operator

Holistic Light House

February 2004 – Present 

Creator, Designer, Owner and Operator of 2 Holistic Centers in Downtown Roseville, CA

Leasing beautiful Furnished & Unfurnished Offices & Multi-Media Classroom hourly, daily, weekly or monthly to local therapists and teachers.


Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, Residence Hall Mental Health Counselor

Sierra Community College

January 2011 – May 2011


The position allowed me to demonstrate my counseling abilities and expand upon my counseling experience related to mental health with the students that live on campus in the dormitory. I worked with a diverse body of students to include: international students, former foster youths, disabled students and students from varying cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. I was able to complete all of my Practicum hours to graduate from Chapman’s Masters Program in this capacity within one semester.


Education Program Services Coordinator & Senior GED Secondary Teacher

LifeWorks, Austin TX

June 2006 – August 2007

The position provided leadership for the development, delivery and management of services and programming related to the GED service. As the lead GED instructor, I performed intakes and counseled students regarding life skills in addition to teaching them the required academics to pass the GED. Within one year, I worked with over 300 youth and young adults. Additional responsibilities included interviewing, hiring and training employees; planning, assigning and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.

Owner, Life Coach & Intuitive

Lighthouse Healing Center, LLC

September 2003 – June 2006

Facilitating and assisting those in the midst of transformation has always been my passion. I became so successful as a life-coach as a side business that I decided to build a business around it. Lighthouse provided the local community with behavioral health care, counseling & life coaching and other alternative healing methods and modalities. Building my business expanded my knowledge and experience in mental, behavioral and spiritual healthcare in addition to business administration. From the inception to the acquisition of Lighthouse, I developed the business plan, allocated the necessary resources, crafted and implemented the entire office structure and procedures, designed the marketing strategies, advertisements and logos, hired my support staff, performed buyer and purchasing duties, and played broker in the sale of my business. I am currently writing and hoping to publish two books about the knowledge I acquired during this tremendous experience.



Chapman University

Master of the Arts, Counseling Psychology, MFT emphasis

2009 – 2011

Not Licensed: as this goes against the fabric of my beliefs as I do not uphold this structure as a holistic operation that caters to the true healing processes of the masses.


Tarleton State University

Bachelor of Science, Education with History Minor

1997 – 1999

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