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Describes the full picture of how your consciousness uploads your reality and how to reach your optimum potential by learning the secrets to live joyfully! Learn the steps that deliver true results that help you reach your full potential! Learn techniques grounded in neuroscience, quantum physics, general systems theory, unified field theory, psychology and religious & spiritual bodies of knowledge.


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Learn tools of intuition, break free of confidence issues, continue your healing journey, break down dogma barriers, meet others with similar interests & aptitudes, get your questions answered & enjoy applying your new knowledge/wisdom with others in a non-judgmental, safe environment with guidance & assistance to confirm insights! The list of specific topics found far down the page.

NEW! Quantum Bible Study Class Series: This class will ASTOUND you!

The Bible is Amazing When Read Through the Quantum Mechanics Perspective

The Bible's mysteries will unfold right before your eyes!

You will learn how to modernly define well known passages in the bible and to perceive these passages through the perspectives of the quantum scientist, the psychologist and the metaphysical expert, simultaneously. You will understand the purpose of parables and what's really being said once you have the ears to hear.
Finally, the bible will illicit a real strategy to transform your consciousness, and thusly, your world by understanding the Book of Revelation. St John of Revelation has summed up the whole of creation and consciousness in 22 short chapters! It's the time (end time of mystery and misunderstanding) for unfolding heaven on earth right here, right now.

Don't let old religious views keep you from the promises of paradise, embrace the TRUTH, THE WAY AND THE LIGHT within these scriptures.