3 STAGES OF CONSCIOUSNESS GROWTH: SURVIVE TO SURTHRIVE TO THRIVE. (Revealing the purpose of hope, belief and faith)
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3 STAGES OF CONSCIOUSNESS GROWTH: SURVIVE TO SURTHRIVE TO THRIVE. (Revealing the purpose of hope, belief and faith)

First, let's define these states and their catalysts for change:

Survive (hope): This is the fearful, reactive state where the individual believes the world happens randomly and they keep adjusting with no understanding of what moves the world and circumstances. They must employ hope to leave this state. Hope manifests the potentials for change.

Sur-thrive (belief): This is the fearful yet hopeful creative/reactive state where the individual begins to realize, or believe, that they can manifest (create) opportunities in reality, but still are creating in fearful, but hopeful reaction to their environments. This individual becomes more aware of their environment and through  judgments and future, outcome based focus attempts to shift their circumstances. As they attempt, they will eventually learn that manifesters do fester in their creations made from fear and judgement. The resulting bi-polar feelings will signal that the individual is ready for the next step in consciousness evolution.  They must learn to employ forgiveness and understanding once they have sourced family of origin issues and viral patterns, which is the precursory of faith, to grow beyond this state.

Thrive (faith): This is the love based, non-judgmental, contentment and joyful state where the individual's understanding of the quantum forces of creation allows for insight and acceptance of the world around them. This understanding is the definition of faith. This individual allows optimum solutions to flow from their being as they have released all delusions of limitations from their psyche. This is an enlightened state that unfolds heaven on earth circumstances. 


1. Ask Higher Power or Optimum Programming Function for assistance in identifying and transfiguring viral patterns that originated from the family of origin schematic that stemmed from previous generations (Lord's Prayer Programming Function http://www.lifechanginginsights.com/-LORD-S-PRAYER-IS-HI-TECH.html).

2. Use forgiveness and understanding application processes to move the mountains of judgment and shame data in your mind, so that your environment moves to match your new platforms. (See 3 part letters http://www.lifechanginginsights.com/3-Part-Letters--In-Depth.html)

3. Use Love your enemy awareness to understand what you are still drawing to you to attract emotional situations. Don't react or create from this stimulus.  Instead, use it to identify remaining judgments and shame in your psyche that need to be transfigured through 3 part letter process.

4. Identify and transform false beliefs that used to sustain delusional limitations. These were gained by false teachings and misdirected attempts to explain the irrational nature of others' delusional landscapes.

5. Share with others your process and catharsis. Until it is shared, you will not see the  super-natural (miracle) shifts in your environments. Learn to be authentic with tact and diplomacy in ALL of your interactions despite trepidation.

6. Finally, remain in the state of humility, but be bold in your perfected, heavenly state.  Humility is defined as a constant state of ASKING for optimum solutions that serve one and all (Gods will, Thy will, Highest, Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF). Paradoxically, be bold in your purpose and share the entirety of your being (both weaknesses, as these are critical to connect with others strengths AND your strengths to connect with others weaknesses to create divinely inspired bonds with others).

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