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Write all 3 parts in one sitting.  Walking away after part one is disasterous... you will upload a similar event and feel terrible. If you can't comprehend how to do parts 2 & 3, please make an appointment.

You need to upload the Lords Prayer or One of the Other Version by speaking it aloud everyday, but especially upload it prior to writing your letter for grace to keep it from infecting your current reality structure. (See Lord's Prayer and alternatives in the tabs to the left to refresh your memory of what they intend to program into your reality.)

Part 1: Play Victim
Play victim in first person speech... say everything unsaid.  Do not hold back.
Example: "I am mad at you for not allowing me to share my feelings or to have a say so about...."

Part 1b: Restore what was taken
Restore what you thought they robbed from you in "I am" statements. 
Example:  "I am worthy to use my authentic voice in a tactful, but meaningful way that serves me and all those around me in the highest. I will use my authentic voice and will not hide it again."

Part 2:  WRITE ABOUT HOW YOU WERE THE PERPETRATOR TOO. Whatever you have judged in the past uploaded temptations and urges to be just like them. Time to take responsibility and forgive all of those involved in the viral pattern of behavior.

2A: Realize that you have perpetuated the pattern too somehow and get resolve.  Awareness is had here.  Figure out the pattern here (call the demon viral pattern out by name) by seeing how it was acted upon by three generations (grandparents to parents to you to kids, etc) and then discuss how you will take responsibility to shift it.  (Sometimes in an opposite behavior.) 

2B: Ask for forgiveness from others. Forgive your former perpetrator because you are in their shoes too.  Forgive yourself. Notice that you had no control to change it even with hell bent will. It still repeated because it couldn't be extinguished without forgiveness.  This helps you to forgive because you are in their shoes too. You realize it was viral and that they didn't know how to shift it either just like you.  Forgive them as you are learning to forgive yourself because...just like Christ said, "Lord, please forgive them for they know not what they do."

Part 3: Overall purpose and ultimately the perfection as to why you were to endure your childhood and reoccurring adult experiences.
Please write about what blessings in disguise, gifts and abilities were generated from the survival stance you took and how could those bring you purpose and joy today.  Give thanks to God and the person you wrote this to by listing the gifts that transpired due to the pain, etc.

Part 4: Read it aloud to a witness as if the person is present so you can have catharsis. (Weep so that pattern will remove from the amygdala area of the brain to cease the patterns from manifesting into your life over and over).

Read aloud to trusted loved ones like that person is present. This is absolutely necessary to shift it. 

Feel free to schedule an appointment to get help or to read aloud your letters. I can help you call those familial viral patterns (demons) out by name to transfigure.
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